2 years ago…

Well it’s been two years since I first realized that maybe I didn’t have to go through life feeling like shit, that maybe I didn’t have to plan social events around alcohol, that maybe I was drinking too much and that MAYBE there was a better way to live. It’s taken a while for me to actually feel like all of those things are true all of the time but I think I’m finally there! I still have days where I regret going back to drinking for the year, even if the amounts were nowhere near what they were before originally signing up for OYNB alcohol was still holding me back from being the best version of me, I definitely know that with 100% certainty now. A friend of mine came over yesterday and we sat on the deck and had a couple of AF Heinekens and an awesome visit, If I were still drinking even moderately it would have been the perfect excuse to have a couple of glasses of wine or a few beer, my sleep would have been shit, I would have woken up feeling anxious and blah today and I can guarantee I would NOT have gotten up and gone for a run, which ended up being the first run I’ve gone on in a VERY long time where I was able to run 3 straight km’s with no walking breaks! Pretty proud of that little accomplishment today 😉 After my run I came home and did 1 min of each -burpees, situps, and squats followed by a 1 min rest, and repeated for 5 rounds. That last round was pretty tough but I did it! I’m still working on my mindset when it comes to food and focusing on eating nutritious foods rather than being obsessed with calories and macros but I THINK I’m starting to get there… slow and steady wins the race right?? I found the cottage a little tough a few moments this past weekend, it was hard to really “relax” without that bottle of wine but I’m starting to think that that’s ok too, my constant thinking and doing does tend to be annoying some days but it’s part of who I am and hopefully if I keep trying I will eventually find some ways to at least quiet it down a bit without the help of booze 🙂 I hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far!


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