I’m still here…

I am sitting here this evening reading some blogs and I realized that I hadn’t posted anything in ages so figured I should pop in and put some thoughts down… I’m still here and still doing the sober thing but I will admit that I did have a couple of slips this summer, I let the little voice convince me that I wouldn’t be fun enough if I didn’t drink with friends and guess What? She still lies! I decided to acknowledge it and just keep moving forward. The way I’m choosing to see it is that a couple of evenings (even if I regret them) don’t undo the 200+ days without it. One of the things I’ve been trying to ditch is my all or nothing attitude, now don’t misinterpret that as deciding to have the odd drink because I honestly hope to never touch it again, but I know myself well enough to know that if I had admitted defeat and put myself back at square 1 that would have been a pass for me to keep drinking damn near every weekend until I was “ready” to start again… and God only knows how long that would be! So instead I dusted myself off and just kept on, still viewing myself as a non drinker and still working to be a better version of me… Crossfit is still killing me as is running Lol, I’m not sure if either of these things will ever get “easy” but I do enjoy how good I feel after I do either of them! Apparently one of the crossfit gyms near me does a competition in the spring that is a good one for beginners, it’s also a partner one so I think my friend and I may get brave and sign up when the time comes! That gives me 6 months to learn double unders and a whole slew of other stuff that I can’t yet do… we shall see how that goes! Consequently it will also be right around the 1 year mark from when I decided the booze had to go for good so I figure that will be an awesome way to celebrate 😉 If anybody actually reads my posts I hope this one didn’t let you down too much… trust me, I let myself down enough for all of us! I will get this down sooner or later but for now I’m trying to be happy with progress even if it isn’t perfection…


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